The purpose of this project is to help women dealing with miscarriages. An estimated 23 million miscarriages occur every year globally, leading to 44 pregnancy losses each minute. Miscarriage can have a significant emotional impact on the woman, and it is important that they receive adequate community support.

Problem Definition

How might we create a platform that will help women dealing with miscarriage feel accepted, understand, and cope with their feelings about their loss, and let them talk about their experience and share their journey with the community of women dealing with miscarriage and offer support to one another?

Proposed Solution

Miscarriage Community Support and Care

MICSAC is a platform for women dealing with miscarriages. It allows users to express their feelings and connect them with women who suffer from the same problem. It also has an emotional healing section to deal with emotions and connect with professionals.

MICSAC serves as a safe place for women who suffered from miscarriage to share their experiences and start the healing process. It also creates miscarriage awareness.





I started the project by mapping out the user research needed to validate the idea and conducting thorough user research to understand the needs, emotions, and challenges of individuals in the community. This involves conducting interviews, and surveys, and analyzing existing platforms. Based on these findings, user-centered solutions are developed through the creation of wireframes, prototypes, and user flows that address the identified pain points.